Government Measures

ALGIERS, The President of the republic, MR. AbdelmadjidTebboune, addressed on Tuesday evening a speech to the nation on the situation which crosses the country:

«A dear fellow citizen, Algeria crosses, today, another test transported by the new« coronavirus »which spreads in several countries of the world. Since the announcement of the appearance of this virus in Asia, the State took urgent and preventive measures in even to be able to face this pandemic, in an efficient way, if it came to spread in our country. Health is Man’s most precious of beneficial effects; and the health of the citizen, his his wellbeing and his dignity, are the most important to preserve for the State.

These are the main measures that came out of this meeting:


1-Closing of all land borders with the neighbouring countries with the possibility to allow displacements of persons in exceptional cases, by common consent with the Governments of the countries concerned.


2-Immediate suspension of all flights from and towards Algeria, except for planes freighters transporting no passenger.


3-Immediate closing of shipping, except ships transporting goods and property.


4-Immediate Disinfection of all means of public transport in national level and wilayas, as well as the stations of passengers’ transport.


5-Ban of gathering and of demonstrations whatever is their form and their nature and isolation of any place suspected of being a home of the pandemic.


6-Ban of export of any strategic products, medical or food, until the end of crisis; in order to preserve national strategic reserves.


7-Suspension of Friday’s prayer and all collective prayers and closing of mosques with maintaining of the call to prayers at the request of the Committee of the Fatwa and with the agreement of our distinguished Sheikhs and Oulémas.


8-Fighting and denunciation of the speculators who exploit, without scruple, the state of overwhelming panic to stock raw materials with the intention of provoking a shortage and raising prices.

The Ministry of Health, Population and Hospital Reform has developed, in collaboration with the World Health Organization (WHO) in Algeria, a Media planning as part of prevention against the Coronavirus.

The launch of this Media planning comes immediately after the activation in January of the national surveillance and alert system as soon as the WHO announced the spread of the Coronavirus.