(Covid-19) and 4 deaths were recorded in Algeria during the last 24 hours, while 185 patients have recovered, according to what was revealed today, Saturday, by the official spokesperson for the Coronavirus Monitoring and Follow-up Committee, Dr. Jamal Forar.

During the daily media meeting devoted to presenting the development of the epidemiological situation of the Coronavirus, Mr. Vorar explained that the total number of confirmed cases reached 103,611 people, including 230 new cases (an estimated rate of 0.5 cases per 100,000 people), while the total number of infected people who recovered reached 70,373 people and the total number of deaths 2831 cases.

There are currently 23 patients in intensive care, said Dr. Vorar.

Mr. Voorar added that 17 states have registered fewer than 9 cases and 25 states have not registered any cases, while 6 other states have registered more than 10 cases.

By the way, he stressed that the current situation of the epidemic requires citizens to be vigilant and respect the rules of hygiene and physical distance, calling on them to comply with the rules of quarantine and the mandatory wearing of a mask.