MOSCOW, September 24. /TASS/. All Russian regions have received first trial batches of the “Sputnik V” COVID-19 vaccine, developed for civilian circulation, the Russian Health Ministry’s press service informed reporters on Thursday.

“All regions have received the first trial batches of the Gam-COVID-Vac vaccine (Sputnik V) for the prevention of the novel coronavirus infection developed by the N. F. Gamaleya Federal Research Center for Epidemiology and Microbiology,” the message informs.

According to the federal information monitoring system, the vaccine is already being used in several Russian regions, with medical workers considered the priority. According to the system, there are over 27,000 marked packages of the vaccine so far. “Their number is increasing,” the press service informed.

On August 11, Russia became the first country to register a coronavirus vaccine, which was named “Sputnik V.” Russian Health Minister Mikhail Murashko informed that the vaccine created by the N. F. Gamaleya Federal Research Center for Epidemiology and Microbiology had shown its effectiveness and safety on the outcomes of clinical trials. It was created on a platform that had been used for the development of a number of other vaccines. On August 15, the Russian Health Ministry announced the launch of vaccine production. The first batch of the vaccine was sent to Russian regions on September 12.